Allergic Rhinitis

​Allergic rhinitis is the inflammation of nasal passage caused by allergens, when immune system overreacts to allergens.
1)  Nasal congestion.
2)  Runny nose.
3)  Sneezing.
4)  Itching in eyes and nose.
5)  Tearing of eyes.
6)  Loss of smell.
7)  Post nasal drip which causes cough.

​The Case:

A Patient name Mast.Yash Raj aged 14 yrs/ M presented us with running nose, sneezing, headache since last 4 years. Sneezing is aggravated by bathing. He also complaints of headache, loss of appetite, weakness of memory. He is thermally hot and thirsty. He has desire for salty and spicy food and aversion to milk. He had profuse and offensive perspiration. There was burning of soles and palms. He has white coated tongue.

He does not mixes up with everyone easily. He has limited friend circle. He likes be alone, than in a company. He was average in studies. He forgets easily whatever he studied. He has difficulty in remembering the lesson given by his teacher. He found studying very difficult and got headache while studying.

Choice of Remedy:
Based on the personality and sensitivity of patient Natrum Muriaticum was prescribed which cleared up the case.​

​English Translation:

“I had been suffering from  running nose, headache, loss of appetite, muttering during sleep, burning of soles and weakness of memory since last 4 years without any relief anywhere then i heard of Cure Homeo Clinic and started the treatment and continued for one year without any interruptions and now am free from all the above problems. I am thankful to Cure Homeo Clinic.”