Cure Foundation invites young & dynamic doctors for an exclusive learning cum earning programme in classical homeopathy.

Foundation initiative is to provide a platform which is rich in knowledge with experienced physicians, so that they can built a bright future in homeopathy.

Career opportunity

1. Opportunity: Chief Physician (Code: CP 028)            Required Post: 2
Age: + 30 years 

Qualification: MD/BHMS

Experience: + 3 years 

Salary: INR 1,00,000 - 80,000/- per month


  1. Clear understanding of homoeopathic principles.
  2. Knowledge of Boenninghausen, Boger, Kent, Hahnemmanian approach of case taking and repertorisation.
  3. Knowledge of essence of homoeopathic remedies.
  4. Knowledge of modern repertories.
  5. Knowledge of various homeopathic softwares.
  6. Knowledge of modern system of medicine, diagnosis, investigation etc.
  7. Understanding of miasmatic analysis and its clinical importance.
  8. Candidate should have capability to head a team of 15 doctors.
  9. Candidate must submit abstracts, articles, thesis etc. for better prospectus. 

2. Opportunity: Senior Resident Physician (Code: SRP 027)  Required Post: 5

Age: + 28 years

Qualification: MD/BHMS

Experience: + 2 years 

Salary: INR 50,000 - 30,000/-


  • Clear understanding of homoeopathic principles.
  • Knowledge of Boenninghausen, Boger, Kent & Hahnemmanian approach of case taking & repertorisation.
  • Knowledge of essence of homeopathic remedies.
  • Knowledge in any one system of human body.
  • Candidate should have a capability to head a team of 5 doctors.

3. Opportunity: Resident Physician (Code: RP 036)  Required Post: 15

Age: Fresher

Qualification: BHMS

Salary: INR 30,000- 18,000/-


  • Clear understanding of homoeopathic principles.
  • Aptitude to learn with sincerity is a must.

Hostel Facility: Clinic provides free hostel stay for unmarried doctors, both male & female.

Library:Clinic has library rich in homeopathic books.

Auditorium:Clinic has its own state of art auditorium for learning activities.  

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