Chronic  Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

COPD – also known as chronic obstructive lung disease- it is characterized by poor air flow which worsens over time. The main symptoms include shortness of breath, cough, sputum production. Most of the people with chronic bronchitis do present with COPD. Tobacco smoking is the major common cause with a number of other factors such as air pollution, genetics. The cough when it persists more than three months for at least two years in combination with sputum. Other feature may include barrel shaped chest with wheezing.


This is the case of Mr. Padam Singh 62 yrs/M, Hindu of COPD with nasal congestion presented to us with Nasal congestion since last 3 years. Character of discharge was thin whitish mucus which turns thick afterwards, Nose block –more in left then in right, Breathlessness due to nose block and physical exertion which was probably caused due to drinking cold water when the weather was wet due to rainfall. He also complaint of watering of eyes while passing stool. He had craving for cold foods and drinks and also this ameliorates burning. He has aversion to meat and eggs, he prefers dark room and sleeps on alternate side. He was very irritable and gets angry soon, secretive to his feelings, anger on criticism. On clinical examining the pt had – bilateral wheeze.

Analysis :

Mental General:

Easily offended
Gets angry easily

Physical General:

Desires ice cold water and drinks
Toxicity of tobacco smoking
Chronic smoker for more than 50 yrs

Particular General:

Lachrymation stool during
Burning in stomach amelioration by cold water & drinks
Burning in stomach aggravation by warm food and warm drinks

Repertorial Work:

Mind,anger easily
Mind, offended easily
Eye, lachrymation, stool during
Stomach, pain, burning during , cold amel
Stomach, pain, burning food , warm aggravation
Generalities Food and drinks, cold drinks-cold water, desire, ice cold water
Generalities-food and drinks, cold food desires
Toxicity- tobacco general aggravation



Phos, Nux-v, Lyco, Ars, Cham, Coculus, Thuja

Choice of Remedy:

Phosphorous- 200

Testimonial :

The patient was prescribed with Phosphorus 200C – thrice daily for next 3days followed by placebo for 10 days and asked to report thereafter.

On 23rd July 2015 pt reported with signs of improvement as there was no episodes of coryza, nasal congestion or sneezing, on examining the thorax breathing rales had reduced and wheeze was absent clinically.

This was Rx with placebo for another 10 days for observation of progress done
4th August 2015 – breathlessness was much better

On examination – no wheeze or unnatural sound found. – placebo was continued further

He received phosphorus 200 and 1M as and when it was demanded by the case.