It is the hyperkeratosis of the skin. This thickening of the surface layer of the skin in response to pressure. Corns usually form on the toes, hand where the bone is prominent and presses the skin against the shoe, corn are subject to increased irritation. There may be a deep seated nucleation it is like a core where the corn is thickest and most painful. As corns become inflamed, there is pain and sometimes swelling and redness. Common places where corns form are the top surface of the toe, at the tip of the toe and between the toes.

The Case:

A patient Mast. Ujwal Srivastva 15 years/Male, presented his complaint of corn on hand which was painful on pressure since 1 month. Also the size and numbers are increasing rapidly since 1 month. He was taking allopathic treatment but no expected result was evident.

when we talk about the patient as  a person Like spice food banana he has having constipation since childhood like rainy  season he had habit of taking sleep during he a gets irritated  throw  thing when things not go according try to control anger  very much curious nature want to make himself very much in  contact  with people .  he want to do things very differently  very much confused ,always liking dance and  gets panic very easily .he has anxiety about future he said. He was having problem of stammering during excitement anticipation very much sympathetic nature, easily effected at emotional level. 

Choice of Remedy:      
Based on the personality and sensations of the patient Causticum was prescribed which cleared up the case.


Before Medication:

After Medication: