PSORIASIS – The Homoeopathic Approach 

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that primarily has its manifestation on skin, joints and nail. Initially the skin is affected and it presents before the clinician as patches of abnormal skin. The skin patches are red in appearance, itchy and scaly. The disease is a long lasting chronic in nature and has relapsing tendency. In the psoriasis disease the cell cycle of skin cells is altered resulting in excessive production of the cells. The cells grow so quickly that the surface of skin results in thick white silvery scales or red patches of skin. The exact cause that excites the auto-immunity and alters the cell cycle is yet to be known and is a matter of research.


This is a case of 15 years/Male, Mast. Shubham Kumar, lean thin, dark wheatish complexion, oily face and distorted clothing’s visited the clinic with affections of psoriasis since 5 years of his age. He presented with complaints of itchy and scaly eruptions on skin involving areas of scalp, neck, upper and lower extremities, elbow joints abdomen and back. The scales on elbows were so severely dry that it restricted the movements of elbow joint and any forceful stretching of upper extremity caused bleeding from skin. The complaints are worse in every winter season. The patient narrated that he applies a steroidal preparation on eruptions and when the eruptions disappear ear starts discharging, which is whitish and watery in consistency.

He is a person who is not easy mixing and feels shy to talk to strangers. He was an average student with least interest in studies. He even does not show any interest in playing but has good passion for earning money by working. He feels he might not get better since everyone says it has no cure.

His father informed us that he does not like to spend money, not even for his own self. If he is asked to lend money he may give but gives only after requesting many times. He is sharp in grasping and memory. He dislikes bathing and goes to work without having bath. He talks and behaves like an elder in such a small age.


Mental Generals

  • Avarice to spend money
  • Behaves like elderly since childhood
  • Desires to do only commercial work
  • Lack of patience
  • Excessively shy

Physical Generals

  • Hot
  • Thirsty
  • Profuse perspiration


Ear discharges appear after eruptions disappear due to application of steroidal preparation on skin lesions.