We are living in one of the most exciting periods of human history; every aspect of human life is undergoing change- science ecology economics music etc. such change even extends to the field of medicine.

In recent years a profound revolution in thinking about health and disease has emerged. beginning with athoughtful and well informed public seeking more effective means of dealing with chronic diseases i.e holistic approach of treatment, the way to cure illness is to improve the health of the patient.

In this context large number of people has turned to highly sophisticated science of homoeopathy.

it is the most effective natural medicine against acute and chronic illnesses existing today.

homoeopathy is a systematic science which correctly applies the laws of nature to stimulate the healing energies of human being.

Homoeopathy is truly curative and non toxic in nature. the dose of drug in homoeopathy is so minute that chemical analysis does'nt reveal any trace of drug in homoeopathic higher potencies, but the advancement in physics have shown us what a vast amount of energy within the indefinitely minute atom is there to be used.

The harmless dose, its curative effects, its power of aborting disease in early stages and systematically dealing with deep seated chronic diseases has made homoeopathy a preferred mode of treatment.

For a allopath the patient is ill if only if his doctor can see it in laboratory tests; but to a homoeopath a patient is ill if he feels ill, so that disease can be cured in the beginning and further advancement of the disease can be stopped before any pathological changes take place.

but there are certain myths about homoeopathy which sometimes stops one person to choose it....

1- Homeopathy first increases the disease and then decreases it. but this is not the case with every patient the symptoms increase sometimes because the physician asks you to stop the other palliative medicines on which you were dependent for long. so symptoms increase because of the withdrawal effect of those drugs.

2-Homeopathy is slow acting. mostly the cases which come to a homoeopath are that of long lasting chronic illnesses, which will naturally take time to be relieved by any system of medicine. secondly the time taken in relieving the patient is actually spent in spotting the correct remedy , once it is found the results are quick.

But all this can be appreciated by the person who has suffered and has been himself benefit by the homoeopathic medicine. homeopathy is also known to be useful many times where the highest developed modern sciences fail.. so by all this we can expect that their will be an increase in the number of patients opting for homoeopathy ... and more and more people will be benefit by this science of healing.


Dr Mahima Solanki
Senior Consultant
Cure Homeo Clinic