Necessary directions for describing your disease
Do you want to get a permanent & complete relief from your disease?

It is possible by homeopathy. For this, you should make the doctor feel & understand about your disease and you should provide all the information to the doctor as is required. If at all the patient gives all the information about his disease correctly & without any hesitation to the doctor then it doesn’t take much time to be cured, so please do not hesitate in providing complete & correct information.

Always remember that the doctor is only a medium between the patient & the medicine. We do assure you that all the information provided to us about your disease & problem, are kept confidential & limited to us.

For Homeopathic Treatment, it is required that the details of your problems should be correct, clear & complete. For example:- It is not sufficient for a homeopathic physician to know just this much that you are having headache, cough, cold or fever etc. rather the patient should quote his problems by telling the homeopathic physician that “There is a shooting pain in my head on the left side which always starts even if there is a slight exposure to cold & it reduces on lying, by tying the head tightly & by having hot substances whereas the pain aggravates on getting up or during locomotion.”

 In other words the patient, while explaining the problems /disease to the doctor, one should keep the following points in consideration: 

1. What all does the patient feel while in problem?
2. When & how the problem increases?
3. When & how do you feel comfortable? (Excluding on taking medicine)
4. What does the patient desire to do during the problem?

Hence, you should facilitate the information of the disease to your doctor in the above mentioned manner. This type of detail is necessary in homeopathy in order to give permanent cure in less time.

The patients should try to give the details of their problems in the following manner:-  

Pain: Pain can be of many types. You should explain that what type of pain is there or how do you feel at the place of the pain. For example stinging pain, pinching pain, stabbing pain, twinge, wincing pain or irritation etc. Depict it in your own words that what type of pain it is & how do you feel during the pain. 

Sensation: While describing any sensation, try to depict correctly in your own words whatsoever it is that you feel, such as thorns pricking in throat, stopper in ear or as if something is crawling in some portion of the body etc.

In order to describe pains & sensations correctly all the following points should be taken into consideration:
a) Site/Location: While describing any pain or sensation indicate the correct place of the pain or the sensation such as toe fingers, heel, thigh, left or right side etc. Whether this pain or sensation stays at the same place or it changes the place? If it changes the place then you should detail “How?” & “From where to which point?”.
b) Intensity: What is the intensity of pain? Such as “Slight/Low”, “Acute/Medium” or “Shooting/High”.
c) Duration: For how much time does the pain or the problem exist? After how much duration does it reoccur?

How does it start? As per your knowledge “Why does it start? i.e Reason of starting of the pain”.

How do you feel comfortable or get relief during the pain?

How does it stop: “Suddenly" or "Gradually”?

d) When & How do you get relief in your problem ? OR When & How does the problem aggravates ?
According to time such as in morning, noon, evening or any particular time.  
According to posture such as on sitting, lying, lying on your back, lying on your side or standing etc.
e) Discharge: While describing any type of discharge (viz. Pus, Cough, White discharge etc.) from different parts of the body such as eyes, nose, ear, throat, mouth, genitals, lungs etc. keep the following points into consideration:
1. Quantity of discharge.
2. Due to what reason does it aggravates or subsides.
3. What is its type viz. thin, thick, viscid, knaggy, albuminous or watery.
4. What is its color & smell?
5. Does it leave any effect (viz. acrid, corroding, itching or irritation) on the place where it sticks?
We can state with full confidence that if you understand your problems/disease in this way & are able to explain it to us similarly then there is no doubt in being cured permanently & in little time.
In future, whenever you consult your doctor, do take account of the following points about your symptoms:
1. Is there a change in your symptoms after starting the medicine?
2. Please state the symptoms that have completely ended.
3. Are there any new symptoms?
4. After starting the treatment what is the state of your health as compared to earlier?
It will be all the more beneficial if you pen down your symptoms before consulting your doctor.
It is absolutely baseless to state that it takes time to get cured if homeopathic treatment is taken & you may have to limit or avoid certain food habits.  If you wash out your mouth with clean water before taking medicine then it is not necessary to avoid or limit any of your food habits & it is also not necessary to avoid having anything 30 minutes prior or after taking medicine.