A perfect blend of technical training, through homoeopathic knowledge and clinical research, we at Cure Homeo Clinic are committed to provide comprehensive healthcare to our patients. 

We follow a systematic, scientific and prognostic process with advanced homoeopathic procedure in treatment and diagnosis of ailments so as to provide a holistic-homeopathic and individualized cure to all diseases. The process comprises of:

1. Case taking

       A deep and detailed understanding of the ailments of the patient by individualized study of his whole being.

2. Team work consultation

        Each case is analysed by a team of 4 doctors. Each team consists of:

a. Counsellor

             b. Team Coordinator

               c. Resident Physician

           d. Chief Consultant

3. Individualized & Customized treatment and research

        Individualized treatment is then provided to each patient. It comprises of the customized treatment plan along with diet and regimen.Further a team of expert physicians from the clinic are consulted for the wholistic cure of the patient.