It is a disease manifested by amenorrhoea, hirutism and obesity associated with enlarged polycystic ovaries. Its characterised by excessive androgenic production by ovaries hampers reproductive, endocrine and metabolic function of body.

The case:

Mrs. Chandra Dangwal aged 31 yrs/ F resident of Meerut, presented with hormonal imbalance and diagnosed as left ovarian cyst in USG of whole abdomen since last 6-7 months. Her chief complaints included malaise, metrorrhagia, hair fall and leucorrhoea, since last 5-6 months. She also expressed discomfort in her heels as constant pressing pain worse at night, in morning after rising from bed, and better from continued motion. She gained weight from (75kg to 86.48 kg) within 3yrs. She had been under allopathic medication for 3 months and her menses with medicine continued from 8th August 2014 to 7th September 2014, the flow was dark and clotted, protracted with constant chronic yellow offensive and staining leucorrhoea. she was mild and worried about her family, sensitive and cannot cease weeping while narrating her complaints, though she worked as a teacher but aided by her husband in any concern, she desired spicy food and was thistles, afraid of crossing bridge.

Choice of Remedy: 

​After careful study of the case an analysis was conducted and based on sensation and personality Pulsatilla was given to clear up the case.


English Translation:

"My periods where irregular in both time and duration at times the flow was heavy, scanty and even continuous menses were experienced. Which troubled me a lot, now i do not have any such problems except the heels pain which has reduced but want its full cure".

​Before Treatment

After Treatment: