Terms & Conditions

Homeopathic treatment is essentially harmless and safe. However we advice you to be aware of the following:-

  • At "Cure Homeo Clinic" our homeopaths are trained and well experienced to select one remedy from thousands available that most closely matches the total picture of your symptoms. Therefore you are expected to provide full and complete information pertaining to your ailment. The clinic shall be entitled to presume that the said information provided you is true and correct.
  • Our doctors will make best possible endevour to heal you. However, the outcome and duration of homoeopathic treatment vary by the constitution of each individual's body, nature of ailment, past history of illness and other line of treatment followed in past and present.
  • In any unforeseen circumstances our consultants offering the treatment will not be liable to any legal proceedings. The will not be responsible for the course of events during the period of treatment. The patient bears no right to ask for any damages with respect to same.
  • The clinic will not share the patient's case records or video recordings of the consultation with the patient or relatives.
  • ‚ÄčIn Case of terminal diseases it is recommended that you inform your medical doctor that you are receiving homeopathic treatment. In case any symptoms persists or worsen on treatment, you should seek professional medical attention.
  • Like all other branches of medical science, homeopathy also has limitations.